Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Easiest things ...

"Are sometimes the most difficult to carry out." I don't know who I am quoting, but this has been my lot today.It was sunny and beautiful outside and I did not even give myself the opportunity to go outside and enjoy it. What I did do, was to stay inside stressing over application forms and the necessary documents that need to be mailed to the various market managers. Forms like Insurance, Permits, licenses, Mission statements, photos of you vendor's booth, etc. Then on top of that, my printer decides to mess with me.

I used to like my printer. I knew it well and it performed flawlessly except for the occasional color shift, banding or paper jam. Now it seems that every copy was either oversized, shrunk down, out of magenta, or just plain f***d up ! I ended up sending an email requesting that I send electronic files of these forms. I doubt that I will be able to; So I'm off to Kinkos tomorrow.

Is Mercury in retrograde? Is it a full moon? Damn, where did my serenity go?

Monday, January 11, 2016

The New Year and beyond

I didn't think of it until after midnight, but sweet sixteen has a nice ring to it.It is already the eleventh and I am heading for Portland to see my sister in another week.To say that time passes much too quickly is a curious understatement. Linear time is no measurement for the experience that has accumulated over the past decade.Is it me, or have we been in overdrive since the turn of the century?

My beard is getting whiter by the day. My hairline is receding by the week.Why even think about it? Why not just surrender to the joy of modern maturity, right?My brother John laughs at the prospect of retirement.Who retires anymore, anyway? What a crock! None of the people I know are not independently wealthy or spend their days counting their cash dividends... although many thought that they would be better off financially as they got older.It would be nice to hearken back to the days of penny candy and thirty-five cent movie tickets.Enough of this silly nostalgia. I am going to bed, just so I can face another day of uncertainty.

At least I got the oil changed in my car.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Arrives

Today is the solstice and the storms are beginning to arrive from out in the Pacific. This is an El Nino year and many are purchasing sand bags,tarps and other assorted items at Ace Hardware for the upcoming season. It is cold today, and it is a damp cold. I like days where I can stay in and not feel guilty about not going outside. This is one of those days, although I plan to go to dinner at a place close by.

Today, I am writing cards and sending emails.I've sort've reached an impasse with my rock painting.It has supported me over the past five years, but I am beginning to tire of it a bit. What I am going to do next is anyone's guess, but until I do, rock painting will be the order of the day.Besides,It is Christmas after all, and remembering friends during the holidays is a good practice and something that is expected.Most of the people I know will be spending the day with family and friends.It is not any different for me.

This year I plan on participating as a speaker at an Alcathon meeting in Napa at 2am in the morning on Christmas day. What better time to be grateful for all that has been given to me. I am planning on being with friends on Christmas eve, and will also be doing the second reading at the church I go to here in Calistoga.Besides this,I will be probably be eating lots of good food and sleeping long hours on Christmas day. Best wishes to all, and to all a good night !

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Winter Approaches

I don't seem to mind my indoor activities much because I have a good reason. I'm earning a living by staying busy in the studio part of my one bedroom apartment where I've lived for the past twenty years. I would have never imagined that I would stay in Calistoga, if you had told me that back in the nineties.Today was pretty darn cold. The temperature only got up into the high fifties, as the thermometer went down into the high twenties, which is just cold enough to kill the plants on the deck.The fruit as been dropping around here too. My neighbor Raphael let me pick a whole grocery bag full of lemons,and my friend Eleanore gave me a bag of Fuju Persimmons which are like eating fresh apples... yum! The other kind are to bitter and puckery unless they are soft enough to put in your yogurt.Okay, I am hungry and their is still enough turkey left over from Thanksgiving to tide me over.Speaking of which, you can see the whole group there noshing away at Martha and Ernie's place. My friends Veda and Bill are there along with my niece Terry wearing the party hats.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Are the rains on their way?

We have a storm on the horizon according to recent weather reports.It is said that this is supposed to be an El Nino year. All indications are that this Winter/Spring should be a whopper.I am already missing summer (which began a year and a half ago, and apparently has just ended this past October). The weather has been fantastic for my rock business however, which has me at the Calistoga Farmer's Market every Saturday morning.Talk about cooperation!

Many folks are already prepared for the wet weather.Ace hardware is busy with customers getting gutter covers, tarps,rubber boots etc. I still have to get a tarp for my sun deck, which is starting to show some wear.This little tarp which covers my deck has given my lots of treasured privacy though,especially from the kids who are hanging out in the back yard over the back fence and throughout the hood. I can hear them, which is enough.

It is a certainty that these cottages on Lake Street are a fertility site.Every young couple that has lived here in the past twenty years have made a total of at least three youngsters per household (and all these babies were born here !) I love kids as much as the next person, but squealing, yelling,bawling toddlers will eventually take it's toll. My neighbors are great people,and when all is said and done, this is a small price to pay for being the old fart that lives upstairs.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

All the news from Lake Wobegon

Garrison Keiler might say that this is not the news from Lake Wobegon, but it has turned into a catch phrase way of telling people what you have been up to lately.Sometimes it feels like Groundhog day all over again here in Calistoga, because change seems to happen very slowly here. The weather has been cold in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. Temperatures have been ranging from 40 to 70 degrees, so Fall is definitely here. Rain is expected in the coming days and most are happy about that because of the long draught that has plagued us for the past two years.

The Warriors have started their basketball season with a few wins already and it looks like the team is off to a good start. Kids are recovering from last week's Halloween soire and hopefully are busy with their homework.I am busy painting rocks which is like a meditation for me.Below is a picture of a hippie couple dancing in the town square in downtown Sebastopol.They looked like they were stoned after watching them earlier.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween approaches...

Next Saturday is Halloween and I am unprepared.These past few weeks have occupied my mind and body with a whole assortment of domestic chores. Car wash, laundry,doctor appointments, etc. This is also the reason I haven't kept up with my blog. I don't like the words "busy" or "work." These words should be stricken from my vocabulary. I am in pursuit of leisure, fun and play. I am replacing the word preparing for busy, because it points to the future. Busy just says that I am trying to catch up and am unavailable.Everyone nowadays is busy, distracted, occupied and unavailable. People around ,here are busy sitting on their asses ! I exclude myself as I am preparing this blog, of course).The picture below sort of looks like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family. I post this because it is supposed to look like a guy when he is too busy.